ICT Department


A dependable information and communications system is essential for efficient management of businesses in today’s competitive environment. In a fast-paced world, Universal Traders SACCO has invested heavily in its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in order to enhance its competitiveness customer service delivery and also as part of requirements to comply with new regulations in the sector aimed at streamlining their operations.
Universal Traders SACCO over the years has realized the need to computerize and therefore automate its business activities. This has not only been triggered by the increasing volume of work due to market expansion, but also the call for faster and more efficient services to the members. ICT has over the years undoubtedly become increasingly useful for the SACCO as it strives to deliver is vast range of services to its members.
The SACCO is currently utilizing Microsoft Navision 2016 ERP in its BOSA, FOSA and Accounting operations. Ms Navision enables the society to integrate their Back Office and Front Office Operations with ATMs, Point of sales and Mobile based services mainly via the cooperative bank’s SACCOLINK infrastructure.


The mission of ICT Department is to enable the provision of an effective and efficient ICT infrastructure that will ensure the successful realization of the society’s vision and mission.
In order to build a society fully benefiting from ICT, the following objectives have been identified:-