Accounts & Finance


The Accounts department provides accurate, timely and conclusive financial reports of the society’s performance.
The department’s main responsibilities include:
• Financial reporting
• Budgeting and its management
• Payroll management
• Investments
• Asset management
• Tax compliance
• Treasury management
The Main Duties of the Accounts Department
• Control all society cash transactions.
• Prepare quarterly economic performance report for the management
• Preparation of the society final accounts
• Preparation of monthly financial management report
• Prepares society financial quarterly reports for board of directors
• Prepares annual society budget with assistance of the Finance committee
• Tax Administration
• Providing periodic report to the manager on the affairs of the cash balances
• Compiles all society daily transactions and summarize all the work done in accounts covered by the employees from all departments
• Collects bank statements and any correspondences to and with the commercial banks
• Makes all payments relating to loans and any other Society payments.
• Prepare cash summarizes and reports
• Carries any other duties connected with cash transaction as instructed by the senior manager
• Reconciles all accounts to make sure that the bank and cash books are in agreement.