Service Charter


A Service Charter is an agreement or contract between a service provider and receivers or users of the services. This Charter marks a bold and significant step towards a transparent and accountable approach in delivery of our services to our members as we endeavour to provide high quality services to them. It underlines the importance of our members by bringing their needs and expectations into perspective.
This Service Charter marks an important milestone in our commitment to excellence in service delivery. It is our commitment to enhance performance and in this regard, the Charter spells out our standards we are committed to. The Charter outlines salient features which include, the Society’s Vision and Mission, Our Core Values, Our stakeholders, Our Commitment to service delivery, Our range of products and services, Our Service points and Complaints reporting and feedback.
Universal Traders Sacco is fully committed to implementing this Charter through enhancing our human capital and infrastructure. The Sacco has put in place mechanisms to monitor and evaluate our performance in service delivery. Our staff  have been called upon to redouble their efforts in delivering our services while upholding our core values.
The Service Charter will enlighten our stakeholders on the standard of services offered by the society. In this regard, all the staff of the Sacco must uphold our core values which are critical in meeting our commitments and the set standards. Our members and other stakeholders are welcome to give us feedback on our performance as this will enable the Society to continuously improve service delivery as we strive to attain our Vision.

Objective of the charter

This Service Charter aims at enhancing participation of stakeholders in the quality management of the Society. This is possible when the stakeholders are aware of the Society’s commitment to them and what role they are expected to play. Consequently, the Charter sets out the standards our members and stakeholders can expect from the Society. It also outlines how they can complain, get their complaints solved and receive feedback.
This Charter is a commitment by Universal Traders Sacco to improve service delivery to all its customers and stakeholders. It enhances awareness on our values, services and the expected service standards.


“An Inclusive quality financial service provider of choice”


“Together we prosper”


“To empower members economically and socially by providing quality, affordable and diversified financial services’’

Our Governance

  • Annual General Meeting: This is the supreme organ charged with responsibility of making all major decisions of the Society. It is usually held once in a year.
  • Board of Directors: The supreme body charged with the governance, control and administration of the Sacco.
  • Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Chief Executive and accounting officer responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Sacco resources.

Our Stakeholders

  •  Members and account holders of Universal Traders Sacco Society
  •  Universal Traders Sacco staff
  • Universal Traders Sacco suppliers of various services
  •  The government of Kenya- MOCDM, KRA & SASRA
  •  Other local institutions and community

Our Customers

  • Our customers are the Universal Traders Sacco members and account holders.

Our Core Values and Principles

As Universal Traders Sacco we endeavour to serve our members with honesty and truthfulness at all times. We shall be open and honest in all our dealings and shall maintain the highest integrity at all times.
All concerns are aired constructively with solutions offered.
Each person is as skilled in some way as another and is entitled to express their views without interruption.

We believe in hard work and dedication to accomplish our mission and realise our vision.

Board members and staff of Universal Traders Sacco shall exhibit a high level of team spirit when carrying out the Sacco activities. Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.
We shall work with one another with enthusiasm and appreciation.
We shall work with one another without manipulation.
Conflicts shall be resolved according to agreed guidelines for this team.
Conflicts shall be brought out into the open and dealt with constructively until all parties are satisfied with the result.

At all times we shall act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible.
We shall not upset one another intentionally, always endeavouring to present negative feedback constructively.
We shall take pride and ownership in all that we do and say.
We shall never talk about people behind their backs.

It is a key value for Universal Traders that all the stakeholders in the society be held accountable for their activities within the society so as to ensure the Society resources are not misused.

The members, staff and management of the Sacco shall exhibit a high level of integrity in conducting the affairs of the Sacco.

We embrace each other’s differences so that we may enrich the well-being of everyone.
Equity & Fairness
We shall ensure equity and fairness in all our decision making.

We respect each other persons privacy and confidentiality. We shall endeavour to maintain the society’s information confidential at all times.
We commit ourselves through this charter to the following principles:
• The principles of a co-operative society as documented by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).
• Set clear and explicit standards of service that clients reasonably expect.
• Device a monitoring and evaluation system to keep track of our service delivery standards.
• Always taking corrective action on errors and deficiencies that occur in course of offering our services.
• Cultivate dynamism and innovative practices through continuous improvement and upgrade of our systems and processes.
• Provide our members with adequate information about our services in a straight forward and open manner.
• Communicate clearly and effectively.
• Provide equal opportunities to Men and Women.
• Handle clients with dignity, courtesy and respect.
• Utilize resources prudently to attain best value for our members.
• Uphold and safeguard the By-laws of the Sacco in fulfilling its objectives.

We Commit Ourselves to:

• Answer your telephone Calls within three (3) rings.
• Attend to you within ten (10) minutes of your visit.
• Respond to your correspondence within 48 hours.
• Treat your concern with confidentiality and privacy.

•    Universal Traders Sacco Members expect efficient and effective provision of services.
•    New members shall be registered within One (1) day.
•    Application to become a member shall be processed within one (1) day.
•    Approval by the Board of Directors shall be within thirty (30) days.
•    Account Opening in the FOSA shall be done within ten (10) minutes.
•    Cash deposit at the tellers’ counter shall not exceed three (3) minutes.
•    Cash withdrawing at the tellers’ counter shall not exceed three (3) minutes.
•    Mobile money transfers (M-pesa & Vigo) shall be processed within five (5) minutes.
•    Internal Money Transfers (Within the Society) shall be effected the same day on receipt of the customer instructions.

•    External Money transfers (to other financial institutions) instructions shall be effected within two (2) days.
•    Sacco link Cards (Debit / ATM cards) applications shall be processed within two (2) weeks.
•    Mobile Banking applications shall be processed within one (1) day.
•    Salary crediting to customer accounts shall be processed within one (1) hour after receiving the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the Society’s Bank account.
•    Pension crediting to customer accounts shall be processed within one (1) day after receiving the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the Society’s Bank account.
•    Produce Payment crediting to customer accounts shall be processed within one (1) day after receiving the EFT in the Society’s Bank account.

•    Biashara Loan-Within Seven (7) days
•    FOSA advance Loan-Within one (1)day
•    Pamoja Loan-within seven (7) days
•    Vijana Loan-Within seven (7) days
•    Mkulima Loan-within Seven (7) days
•    Rabo Loan -within seven (7) days
•    Mango Loan- within seven (7) days
•    Tuinuke Loan-within seven (7) days
•    Kahawa Loan –within seven (7) days

The society recognizes its staff as its most valuable resource and will therefore continue to motivate them through:-
• Developing staff through training.
• Provision of conducive working environment.
• Continuous performance appraisal.
• Efficient handling of personnel matters.
• Salaries/allowances shall be paid by the last Friday of each month.
• In the event of an error being reported /detected, correction on the payroll shall be made in the subsequent month.

• Suppliers have to be conversant with Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 & the Regulations, 2006 and the Universal Traders Sacco Procurement Policy.
• Goods and Services delivered or satisfactory completion shall be paid within 30 days upon presentation of invoice.
• Never compromise our staff.

Our Range of Products and Services

Fosa Services
Fosa Services
Our Service Centres (Points)

Handling of Complaints and Feedback

Universal Traders Sacco appreciates and encourages its members to give feedback (Both complaints and compliments).
We also encourage the general public to lodge genuine complaints, suggestions or compliments.
Our members are encouraged to submit their complaints/compliments in writing through our Website; via email to or by letter or fax to the Chief Executive Officer. Written comments can also be put in our suggestion box at any of our branches. The management shall deal with complaints professionally and in confidence. Members may be contacted through written letters, Email, telephone or face to face conversation.
Complaints will be acknowledged and assigned to a specific person to investigate and resolve. Compliments will also be appreciated.
Universal Traders Sacco shall maintain complaints / suggestions register and will acknowledge receipt and act on genuine complaints within 48 hours upon receipt.
The above complaints mechanism does not prevent the members’ right to appeal against any response by the Society.
We guarantee confidentiality and privacy in respect of complainant’s identity and substance of complaint to safeguard the rights of our Members. However, we encourage complainants to identify themselves given the practical difficulties of handling anonymous grievances.
The Society shall periodically request our customers to evaluate our services through customer satisfaction surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Members Obligations and Responsibilities

We expect our Members to observe the following responsibilities to us;
• To be courteous and respectful to our staff.
• To be kind and polite to other customers.
• To attend meetings (AGM & SGM) punctually.
• To adhere to the Sacco By-laws, rules and regulations always.
• To engage us in constructive criticism through the laid down procedures.
• To comply with Kenyan laws in dealing with the Society.
• To provide accurate information and authentic documents during transaction.
• To exercise honesty and integrity in transacting with us.
• Not to offer inducement by way of gifts and favors to Board of Directors or staff, or to solicit the same in return for our services.

Amendment of the Charter

The Charter is subject to amendments in the light of changing organizational, socio-economic conditions or exigencies of the time. These amendments will be done with consultations with our clients and stakeholders with a view to improving our services.

General Information

Universal Traders Sacco Society Limited
Traders House, Syokimau Road
Machakos Town
P. O. Box 2119-90100
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Tel. +254 44 2020571
Mobile +254 738-110775 / 716,127102
Fax +254 44 21350
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Universal Traders Sacco Society Limited
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Universal Traders Sacco Society Limited
Kathiani Branch
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Universal Traders Sacco Society Limited
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Our offices are open as follows;

Monday to Friday (Week days) 8.30Am To 4.30Pm
Saturday 8.30Am To 12.00Pm
We are, however, closed on Public & National holidays.