FOSA Department.


FOSA is a facility that offers services similar to those offered by Commercial Banks. Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) as a department of Universal Traders Sacco was formed in 2006 with purpose of meeting the members banking needs. To open a savings account you are required to visit any UTS branch near you and present the following documents.
a.) A copy of national identity card.
b.)Two colored passport size photographs.
Also, one should;
a)    Be a member of Universal Traders Sacco

b)    Have contributed the minimum capital shares as required; i.e ksh 4,000.


  •     Revenue generated from FOSA activity are meant to be shared by all members through payment of annual dividend
  •    By transacting with FOSA you build Universal Traders Sacco and yourself
  •    Members through the electoral process influence decisions affecting the running of FOSA.
  •    FOSA services are within reach right where members work.
  •    The tariffs levied for products and services are affordable.
  •    Opportunity to save in the short-term.
  •    One qualifies for advances after running the Fosa account for 6 months.